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Mobile laboratory of environmental genetics

Biodiversity is one of the most important natural resources, and it is a key to understanding how humans impact the environment. In recent decades, there has been an intensive development of methods for studying biodiversity. Increasingly, material collected in the field is identified not only on the basis of morphological characters but also through the sequencing of selected molecular markers. The development of next-generation sequencing techniques has also made it possible to introduce diversity analyzes based on molecular data directly from the water and soil samples taken in the field. Currently, molecular methods are becoming a standard in biodiversity research not only in scientific work but also more and more often in monitoring work. Due to the increasing use of molecular methods in environmental research, educating students in this field becomes of key importance. The aim of this project is to create a laboratory enabling students to acquire the skills of the practical application of molecular methods in environmental research.


  • Bento Lab Pro – Portable DNA Laboratory
  • Eppendorf Research® Plus pipettes
  • water filtration pumps
  • laptops

Regulations [download pdf in Polish]






Results of XVII edition of Innovative Teaching Grant call: http://bss.uw.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/sites/80/2021/04/Uchwala_FID_XVII-edycja_wyniki.pdf