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Biodiversity and Evolution Research Laboratory

We invite you to Open Day on 7 December from 10.00 to 2.00 p.m.!

The biological diversity observed nowadays has been shaped over millions of years, and to fully understand it, we have to take into account the deep-time evolution of organisms. Both modern paleontological techniques and high-throughput sequencing provide valuable data to address questions about the evolution of organisms and their diversity. The combination of those two approaches proved to be a powerful method, allowing ground-breaking discoveries in the studies on evolution. We aim to establish a fully equipped Biodiversity and Evolution Research Laboratory, which will enable a spectrum of analyses from paleontological studies to genomics and, therefore, allow answering key questions related to biological diversity in the past, present and future. The Research Laboratory for Biodiversity and Evolution consists of the Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory (MLB) and the Palaeontological Laboratory (PP).

Equipment in the Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory (4th floor CNBCh room 4.145)

  • The 4150 TapeStation system for low-throughput automated electrophoresis platform for nucleic acid sample quality control
  • MinION Oxford Nanopore sequencing machine with infrastructure for libraries preparation and performing initial sequence analyses
  • Inverted Nikon microscope with camera
  • vacuum pumps and filtration sets
  • portable and stationary freezer for samples

Laboratory Manager: Karolina Grabowska-Grucza (k.grabowska7@uw.edu.pl)

General rules: [download pdf file in Polish]

Equipment in the Palaeontological Laboratory (1st floor CNBCh room 1.48)

  • The DELL Precision 5820 workstation with Avizo 3D software
  • Digital Microscope Keyence VHX-7000
  • The MECATOME T202 – a precision micro-cutter
  • The non-contact 3D scanner SMARTTECH3D EDU
  • Photo-studio for precise documentation of fossil material

Laboratory Manager: Maciej Moczyński (m.moczynski@uw.edu.pl)

General rules: [download pdf file in Polish]