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Plant Phylogeny and Evolution

Research topics

We focus on the phylogenetics, evolution, taxonomy and biogeography of plants, specifically those from a very economically important family Apiaceae, which includes crops such as carrot, celery, parsley, fennel, dill, coriander, aniseed and others. Though our research is not applicable, the understanding of the evolutionary relationships between crops and their wild brethren is vital for agriculture and biotechnology. For instance, the wild species of carrot (Daucus spp.) identified by us may work as a genetic diversity reservoir for the cultivation of new varieties of the domesticated carrot (Daucus carota subsp. sativus). Furthermore, the phylogenetically accurate classification system of the Thapsia and Ferula genera devised by us is an unparalleled aid for the researches searching for new biologically active substances, specifically cytostatic ones, which these plants are rich in. The topics undertaken by us include: 1) the evolution of plants on oceanic islands, including secondary woodiness, 2) the evolution of inflorescence, including pseundanthia (inflorescence which reminisce flowers), 3) the evolution of pollen.

Research projects

Ecological factors and developmental preconditions shaping the evolution of secondary woodiness in the umbellifer subfamily Apioideae, NCN: 2016-2020 (project site)

Publications review

Frankiewicz, Kamil E; Banasiak, Łukasz; Oskolski, Alexei; Reduron, Jean-Pierre; Reyes-Betancort, Jorge Alfredo; Alsarraf, Mohammed; Trzeciak, Paulina; Spalik, Krzysztof

Long-distance dispersal events rather than growth habit and life-history traits affect diversification rate in tribe Apieae (Apiaceae) Journal Article

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 198 (1), pp. 1–25, 2022, ISSN: 0024-4074, (boab032).

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Baczyński, Jakub; Sauquet, Hervé; Spalik, Krzysztof

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American Journal of Botany, 109 (3), pp. 437-455, 2022.

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Frankiewicz, Kamil E; Oskolski, Alexei A; Reduron, Jean-Pierre; Banasiak, Łukasz; Reyes-Betancort, Jorge-Alfredo; Trzeciak, Paulina; Spalik, Krzysztof

Stem anatomy of Apioideae (Apiaceae): effects of habit and reproductive strategy Journal Article

IAWA Journal, 43 (1-2), pp. 42-65, 2021, ISSN: 0928-1541 .

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Piwczyński, Marcin; Trzeciak, Paulina; Popa, Madalina-Oana; Pabijan, Maciej; Corral, José María; Spalik, Krzysztof; Grzywacz, Andrzej

Using RAD seq for reconstructing phylogenies of highly diverged taxa: A test using the tribe Scandiceae (Apiaceae) Journal Article

Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 59 (1), pp. 58-72, 2021.

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Frankiewicz, Kamil E; Ł, ; Oskolski, Alexei A; Magee, Anthony R; Alsarraf, Mohammad; Trzeciak, Paulina; Spalik, Krzysztof

Derived woodiness and annual habit evolved in African umbellifers as alternative solutions for coping with drought Journal Article

BMC Plant Biology, 21 (1), pp. 383, 2021, ISSN: 1471-2229.

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Frankiewicz, Kamil E; Oskolski, Alexei; Banasiak, Łukasz; Fernandes, Francisco; Reduron, Jean-Pierre; Reyes-Betancort, Jorge-Alfredo; Szczeparska, Liliana; Alsarraf, Mohammed; Baczyński, Jakub; Spalik, Krzysztof

Parallel evolution of arborescent carrots (Daucus) in Macaronesia Journal Article

American Journal of Botany, 107 (3), pp. 394-412, 2020.

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Wojewódzka, Aneta; Baczyński, Jakub; Banasiak, Łukasz; Downie, Stephen R; Czarnocka-Cieciura, Agnieszka; Gierek, Michał; Frankiewicz, Kamil; Spalik, Krzysztof

Evolutionary shifts in fruit dispersal syndromes in Apiaceae tribe Scandiceae Journal Article

Plant Systematics and Evolution, 305 (5), pp. 401–414, 2019, ISSN: 0378-2697, 2199-6881.

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Panahi, Mehrnoush; Banasiak, Łukasz; Piwczyński, Marcin; Puchałka, Radosław; Kanani, Mohammad Reza; Oskolski, Alexei A; Modnicki, Daniel; Miłobędzka, Aleksandra; Spalik, Krzysztof

Taxonomy of the traditional medicinal plant genus Ferula (Apiaceae) is confounded by incongruence between nuclear rDNA and plastid DNA Journal Article

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 188 (2), pp. 173–189, 2018, ISSN: 0024-4074, 1095-8339.

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Banasiak, Łukasz; Wojewódzka, Aneta; Baczyński, Jakub; Reduron, Jean-Pierre; Piwczyński, Marcin; Kurzyna-Młynik, Renata; Gutaker, Rafał; Czarnocka-Cieciura, Agnieszka; Kosmala-Grzechnik, Sylwia; Spalik, Krzysztof

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Panahi, Mehrnoush; Banasiak, Łukasz; Piwczyński, Marcin; Puchałka, Radosław; Oskolski, Alexei A; Spalik, Krzysztof

Phylogenetic relationships among textitDorema , textitFerula and textitLeutea (Apiaceae: Scandiceae: Ferulinae) inferred from nrDNA ITS and cpDNA noncoding sequences Journal Article

Taxon, 64 (4), pp. 770–783, 2015, ISSN: 0040-0262.

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