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prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Spalik

Scientific interests

Our team focuses on the phylogenetics, evolution, taxonomy and biogeography of plants, specifically those from a very economically important family Apiaceae, which includes crops such as carrot, celery, parsley, fennel, dill, coriander, aniseed and others. Though our research is not applicable, the understanding of the evolutionary relationships between crops and their wild brethren is vital for agriculture and biotechnology. For instance, the wild species of carrot (Daucus spp.) identified by us may work as a genetic diversity reservoir for the cultivation of new varieties of the domesticated carrot (Daucus carota subsp. sativus). Furthermore, the phylogenetically accurate classification system of the Thapsia and Ferula genera devised by us is an unparalleled aid for the researches searching for new biologically active substances, specifically cytostatic ones, which these plants are rich in.

Our current main project is „ Ecological factors and developmental preconditions shaping the evolution of secondary woodiness in the umbellifer subfamily Apioideae” (more information). Concurrently, we work on the phylogenetics and taxonomy of Apiaceae. The main projects and their published results may be found 0n my ResearchGate profile. An updated publication list, together with quotations, is also available on Google Scholar.

Organisational experience

Currently I hold the office of the Dean at the Faculty of Biology as well as of the head of the Scientific Council of the Biological-Chemical Research Centre. I also lead the Committee of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology PAS.  In the past I held the offices of the head of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Botany UW and – for two terms of office – the deputy head of the Committee for Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology PAS.  I was also a member many times in expert panels for the National Science Centre Poland (NZ8), Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Science.

Didactics and popularization

I am a co-coordinator of the following subjects: Botany, Ecological education: theory and practiceEvolutionism (for B&SB), Mechanisms of  evolution II, Methods of contemporary taxonomy. I also teach classes as part of the following subjects: Practical botany, Biodiversity, Flora and fauna. I like to teach, which is why one of my most important distinctions is the title of Academic Teacher of the Year at UW, in the field of exact and natural sciences, which I was awarded in 2013.

You may see the recording of my lecture on youtube

My texts on popular science may be found here, among others.

Since a long time ago, I take part in educational research, collaborating with the Institute of Educational Research (Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych), which carries out the national edition of the international PISA OECD research. I am also an expert in the Central Examination Board.



Piwczyński, Marcin; Trzeciak, Paulina; Popa, Madalina-Oana; Pabijan, Maciej; Corral, José María; Spalik, Krzysztof; Grzywacz, Andrzej

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Spalik, Krzysztof

Apiaceae Book

2018, ISBN: 978-3-319-93604-8, (Publication Title: Flowering Plants. Eudicots).

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Spalik, Krzysztof

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