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Projects supported by European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

Evolution of phototrophy in eukaryotes – EMBO Installation Grant (for Anna Karnkowska) [read more]

Viruses of freshwater microbial eukaryotes – EMBO Solidarity Grant (for Anhelina Kyrychenko)[read more]


Projects supported by Biodiversa+ European Biodiversity Partnership

FunDive – Monitoring and mapping fungal diversity for nature conservation – BiodivMon (for Julia Pawłowska) [read more]

Projects supported by National Science Centre (NCN)

Origin and evolution of endosymbiosis: the search for transitional stages among eukaryotic microorganisms (SYMBIOSTART) (for Anna Karnkowska) [read more]

The origin of modern ray-finned fish (for Wojciech Pawlak)

Early evolution of Unionid bivalve behaviour revealed by the anatomy of their fossil soft tissues (for Aleksandra Skawina)

Analysis of functional and taxonomic diversity of symbionts among Euglenozoa protists (for Daria Tashyreva) [read more]

New Miocene terrestrial vertebrates from the northwestern shores of the Paratethys and their implications for the faunal exchange between Asia and Europe (for Mateusz Tałanda)

Evolutionary patterns and colonization of new environments: studying the evolution and functional morphology of freshwater chelicerae (for Kenneth De Baets)

Ancestral behaviour and evolutionary origins of lorises (Primates, Mammalia): new insights into their sensory evolution and dietary reconstruction of fossil forms (for Sergi López-Torres)

Diversity of eukaryotic microorganisms in the sediment and plankton of periodically drying water reservoirs (for Maja Łukomska-Kowalczyk)

The role of genetic admixture in ecological diversification of the Anthriscus sylvestris complex, a putative ring species (for Krzysztof Spalik)

Photosymbiosis in freshwater ciliates: elucidating its diversity, functioning and evolution with single-cell sequencing (for Anna Karnkowska) [read more]

Together or alone? How endohyphal bacteria impact their fungal host? (for Alicja Okrasińska) [read more]

Structure and evolution of mitochondrial genomes in Euglenids (for Paweł Hałakuc)

Early diversification of archosaurs at the dawn of the Dinosaur Era (for Łukasz Czepiński) [read more]

Urbanisation impact on the urban avian gut microbiota: comparative and experimental approaches (for Marta Szulkin)

A systems biology approach to study the role and evolution of molecular pathways related to multicellularity (for Stanisław Dunin-Horkawicz) [read more]

Freshwater microbial communities in the eutrophication gradient: diversity and interactions of protists and bacteria (MicroDivEr) (for Anna Karnkowska) [read more]

Projects supported by The National Centre for Research and Development

Biostarters development for dry aged beef production (for Julia Pawłowska) [read more]

Projects supported by IDUB University of Warsaw

Biodiversity and Evolution Research Laboratory (for Anna Karnkowska)

PARADIVE: the integrated study of parasitism, biodiversity and environmental change (for Kenneth de Baets)

4EU+ Alliance research projects

Monitoring diversity of microbial dark matter in expanding anoxic zones (for Anna Karnkowska)



Projects supported by European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

Establishing protocols for the long-read sequencing of microbial eukaryotes – EMBO Young Investigator Small Grant (for Anna Karnkowska)

Inverted light microscope for the single-cell isolation of microbial eukaryotes – EMBO Young Investigator Small Grant (for Anna Karnkowska)

Projects supported by National Science Centre (NCN)

Evolution and function of the inverted repeats (IR) in plastid genomes of Euglenophyta (for Kacper Maciszewski) [read more]

Time and space coordinates of the Late Cretaceous vertebrate succession in the Gobi Desert (for Łukasz Czepiński)

Characteristics of nonconventional introns in nuclear genes of euglenids (for Rafał Milanowski) [read more]

Characterization of circular extrachromosomal DNA in euglenids (Euglenida) (for Natalia Gumińska) [read more]

Ecological factors and developmental preconditions shaping the evolution of secondary woodiness in the umbellifer subfamily Apioideae (for Krzysztof Spalik) [read more]

Environmental sequencing (metabarcoding) key to understanding the biodiversity of autotrophic euglenins (Euglenida) (for Bożena Zakryś) [read more]

Evolution of carbon assimilation abilities within Mucorales representatives (for Julia Pawłowska) [read more]

Evolution of introns in nuclear genes of euglenids (for Rafał Milanowski) [read more]

Influence of soil contamination on the occurence and diversity of Mucoromycota and their endosymbiotic bacteria (for Julia Pawłowska) [read more]

Plastid evolution and functions of colourless algae within the Euglenophytes and Dictyochophyceae (for Anna Karnkowska) [read more]

Projects supported by Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Phylogenetic classification of Laboulbeniales in the light of evolution of other entomopathogenic fungi. MNiSW nr DI2014012344 (for Michał Gorczak).

4EU+ Alliance research projects

From fungal morphology to genotype (for Julia Pawłowska)

Projects supported by University of Warsaw – Innovative Teaching Grant

Mobile laboratory of environmental genetics (for Julia Pawłowska and Barbara Pietrzak) [read more].

In collaboration

The spread of Aureoboletus projectellus in Europe [read more]