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Vertebrate Paleobiology

Research topics

Our research group studies the evolution of vertebrates, based on the fossil record. Our main focus is the comparative anatomy of the skeletal system, used to reconstruct anatomical function, which helps us understand the lifestyle of fossil organisms, as well as evolutionary trajectories (phylogenetics). In addition, our topics include: paleoneurology, organism decay and fossilization (taphonomy), and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. We are interested in the study of several vertebrate groups, primarily: lizards, dinosaurs, conodonts, ray-finned fish, lungfish, and primates. We lead regular excavations in various paleontological sites across Poland, covering a broad geological time range (mainly Devonian, Permian, Triassic, and Miocene).


Mechanical and chemical preparation of fossils, scanning electron microscopy, computed tomography, electromagnetic and density separation of sediment, differential staining of tissues, Dental Topographic Analysis, phylogenetic analysis.

Research projects

ongoing projects

  • Early Mesozoic diversification of the neopterygian fish (PhD project; doctoral student: Wojciech Pawlak; supervisor: Jerzy Dzik; ongoing)
  • The origin of modern ray-finned fish (NCN Preludium-22; principal investigator: Wojciech Pawlak; 2024-2027)
  • New Miocene land vertebrates from the northwestern Paratethys shores and their implications for Eurasian faunal exchange (NCN OPUS-24; principal investigator: Mateusz Tałanda; contractors: Sergi López-Torres & Marcin Górka; postdoctoral researcher: Yohan Pochat-Cottilloux; 2023-2027)
  • Ancestral behaviour and evolutionary origins of lorises (Primates, Mammalia): new insights into their sensory evolution and dietary reconstruction of fossil forms (NCN OPUS-23; principal investigator: Sergi López-Torres; postdoctoral researcher: Holly Anderson; research assistant: Adam Lis; 2022-2025)
  • Historical biogeography and diversity of the ornithischian dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous of the European archipelago (NCN OPUS-23; principal investigator: Daniel Madzia; contractor: Łukasz Czepiński; 2022-2025)
  • The enigma of Cheilonipus ispp.: Middle Triassic turtles or locomotor convergence? (NCN OPUS-20; principal investigator: Tomasz Szczygielski; contractors: Wojciech Pawlak & Przemysław Świś; 2021-2025)

previous projects

  • Early diversification of archosaurs at the dawn of the Dinosaur Era (NCN Preludium; principal investigator: Łukasz Czepiński; 2020-2023)
  • Palaeogeographic maps of the Permian non-marine basins of Central Europe (NCN Harmonia-9; principal investigator: Tadeusz Peryt; contractor: Wojciech Pawlak; 2018-2023)
  • Impact of the Late Devonian and earliest Carboniferous environmental disturbances on faunal dynamics and evolution of conodonts (PhD project; doctoral student: Przemysław Świś; supervisors: Jerzy Dzik & Tomasz Szczygielski; 2022)
  • Time and space coordinates of the Late Cretaceous vertebrate succession in the Gobi Desert (NCN ETIUDA; principal investigator: Łukasz Czepiński; 2020-2022)
  • Functional anatomy of Silesaurus opolensis (PhD project; doctoral student: Rafał Piechowski; supervisors: Jerzy Dzik & Mateusz Tałanda; 2021)
  • Time and space coordinates of the Late Cretaceous vertebrate succession in the Gobi Desert (PhD project; doctoral student: Łukasz Czepiński; supervisors: Jerzy Dzik & Mateusz Tałanda; 2021)
  • Ecological diversity of the Triassic fishes in the light of geochemical methods (IDUB Microgrant UW; principal investigator: Wojciech Pawlak; 2021)
  • The early evolution of squamate and rynchocephalian skull (NCN Preludium; principal investigator: Mateusz Tałanda; 2015-2017)

Topics of Master’s and Bachelor’s theses

Functional anatomy and relationship among Mesozoic and Cenozoic vertebrates, early evolution of lizards, population dynamics of conodonts, behaviour of extinct organisms.

  • Lis A. A virtual cranial endocast of the Miocene primate Mioeuoticus shipmani (Lorisidae, Strepsirrhini) from Kenya. 2023. (Master’s thesis, Biology)
  • Olender E. Biogeography of plesiosaur ancestors at the dawn of the dinosaur era. 2023. (Bachelor’s thesis, Biology)
  • Witasik M. Histology and osteology of the sauropod femur from Baynshire Formation. 2023 . (Master’s thesis, Biology)
  • Audycki J. Anagenetic evolution of olenellid trilobites in the Early Cambrian of Siberia. 2023.  (Master’s thesis, MiSMAP)
  • Bałdowski B. The fossil record of chilopod myriapods. 2021. (Bachelor’s thesis, Biology)
  • Rytel A. Modularity of the neck in Tanystropheidae revealed by geometric morphometrics. 2021. (Master’s thesis, Biology)
  • Mermer J. Variability in conchostracan carapaces from the Middle Triassic of Tunisia. 2017. (Master’s thesis, Biology)
  • Tobolska A. Variability and population dynamics of the late Devonian conodont Pseudopolygnathus. 2017. (Master’s thesis, Biology)
  • Pawlak W. Evolution of ganoid fish. 2017. (Bachelor’s thesis, Biology)
  • Czepiński Ł. Ontogensis and variability of the horned dinosaur Bagaceratops from the late Cretaceous of Mongolia. 2017. (Master’s thesis, Biology)

Publications review


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