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dr Sergi López-Torres

Research interests

  • Evolution of mammals
  • Primate Origins
  • Paleoecology and functional morphology of fossil Euarchontoglires


  • Seminars in Paleontology
  • Field Paleobiology
  • History of Life
  • Human Origins
  • Zoology

Research projects

ongoing projects

  • Living on the edge: the Miocene primates from Poland in the context of the Eastern Paratethys (Arthur James Boucot Research Grant)

previous projects

  • Exploring the deep nodes of Euarchontoglires: anagalids and their implications for the early evolution of Glires and Euarchonta (Kalbfleisch Postdoctoral Research Fellowship)
  • The Paromomyidae (Primates, Mammalia): Systematics, Evolution, and Ecology (University of Toronto Fellowship)


  • 2019-2020 American Museum of Natural History
  • 2017-2019 Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences



Kraatz, Brian; Belabbas, Rafik; Fostowicz-Frelik, Lucja A; Ge, Deyan; Kuznetsov, Alexander N; Lang, Madlen; Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Mohammadi, Zeinolabedin; Racicot, Rachel A; Ravosa, Matthew J; others,

Lagomorpha as a model morphological system Journal Article

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9 , pp. 366, 2021.


Fostowicz-Frelik, Lucja; Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Li, Qian

Tarsal morphology of ischyromyid rodents from the middle Eocene of China gives an insight into the group’s diversity in Central Asia Journal Article

Scientific reports, 11 (1), pp. 1-11, 2021.


Schillaci, Michael A; Sutton, Logan D; Wichmann, Søren; López-Torres, Sergi

Linguistic Clues to Kiowa-Tanoan Prehistory Journal Article

Journal of the Southwest, 63 (2), pp. 255–368, 2021.



Selig, Keegan R; Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Hartstone-Rose, Adam; Nash, Leanne T; Burrows, Anne M; Silcox, Mary T

A novel method for assessing enamel thickness distribution in the anterior dentition as a signal for gouging and other extractive foraging behaviors in gummivorous mammals Journal Article

Folia Primatologica, 91 (4), pp. 365-384, 2020.


Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Bertrand, Ornella C; Lang, Madlen M; Silcox, Mary T; Fostowicz-Frelik, Lucja

Cranial endocast of the stem lagomorph Megalagus and brain structure of basal Euarchontoglires Journal Article

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287 (1929), pp. 20200665, 2020.


Burrows, Anne M; Nash, Leanne T; Hartstone-Rose, Adam; Silcox, Mary T; Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Selig, Keegan R

Dental signatures for exudativory in living primates, with comparisons to other gouging mammals Journal Article

The Anatomical Record, 303 (2), pp. 265-281, 2020.


López-Torres, Sergi; Selig, Keegan R; Burrows, Anne M; Silcox, Mary T

The Toothcomb of Karanisia clarki: Was this Species an Exudate-feeder? Book Chapter

Nekaris, K A I; Burrows, Anne M.Editors (Ed.): Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of Lorises and Pottos, pp. 67–75, Cambridge University Press, 2020.

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López-Torres, Sergi; Silcox, Mary T

What We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Fossil Records of Lorisids Book Chapter

Nekaris, K A I; Burrows, Anne M.Editors (Ed.): Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of Lorises and Pottos, pp. 33–46, Cambridge University Press, 2020.

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Selig, Keegan R; Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Sargis, Eric J; Silcox, Mary T

First 3D dental topographic analysis of the enamel-dentine junction in non-primate euarchontans: Contribution of the enamel-dentine junction to molar morphology Journal Article

Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 26 (4), pp. 587-598, 2019.



Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Silcox, Mary T; Holroyd, Patricia A

New omomyoids (Euprimates, Mammalia) from the late Uintan of southern California, USA, and the question of the extinction of the Paromomyidae (Plesiadapiformes, Primates) Journal Article

Palaeontologia Electronica, 21 (3), 2018.


Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Selig, Keegan R; Prufrock, Kristen A; Lin, Derrick; Silcox, Mary T

Dental topographic analysis of paromomyid (Plesiadapiformes, Primates) cheek teeth: more than 15 million years of changing surfaces and shifting ecologies Journal Article

Historical Biology, 30 (1-2), pp. 76–88, 2018.



Silcox, Mary T; Bloch, Jonathan I; Boyer, Doug M; Chester, Stephen GB; Lopez-Torres, Sergi

The evolutionary radiation of plesiadapiforms Journal Article

Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews, 26 (2), pp. 74-94, 2017.


Silcox, Mary T; Lopez-Torres, Sergi

Major questions in the study of primate origins Journal Article

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 45 , pp. 113-137, 2017.



Lopez-Torres, Sergi; Schillaci, Michael A; Silcox, Mary T

Life history of the most complete fossil primate skeleton: exploring growth models for Darwinius Journal Article

Royal Society open science, 2 (9), pp. 150340, 2015.



Marigo, Judit; Minwer-Barakat, Raef; Moya-Sola, Salvador; Lopez-Torres, Sergi

First record of Plesiadapiformes (Primates, Mammalia) from Spain Journal Article

Journal of Human Evolution, 62 (3), pp. 429-433, 2012.