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Second Circular Joint Meeting of the Polish Paleobiologists, and the 95th Annual Meeting of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft (Palges)


95th PalGes in Warsaw 2024 – Joint Meeting of the Polish Paleobiologists and the annual meeting of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft (Palges)

We are pleased to host the 95th annual conference of the “Palaeontological Society” Joint Meeting of the Polish Paleobiologists and Paläontologische Gesellschaft (PalGes) 2024 at the University of Warsaw. This is the most recent in a long history of international meetings which presents cutting-edge research from paleobiology, paleontology, geobiology and related subjects. The Paläontologische Gesellschaft is one of the oldest and largest palaeontological societies in the world and this is the first time that a joint event is hosted here in Poland! The meeting is co-organized by the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Geology), Institute of Paleobiology Polish Academy of Sciences, Paleontological Section of the Polish Geological Society, Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute and the Paläontologische Gesellschaft. We look forward to welcoming you to Warsaw and hope that you will enjoy partaking in our varied sessions, workshops and field trips. You will find the most recent information in the latest circular and further updates on the conference website. For further questions and information, please contact our team using palgeswarsaw2024(at)uw.edu.pl.


Here you will find the registration form for the conference in Warsaw.


Awards at the conference 2024

Poster Award: The prize for the best poster will again be awarded at this year’s annual conference. Everyone can apply.

Young Scientist Award (YSA): The three best presentations by young scientists will be honoured. The prize is aimed to ECRs.

PeerJ presentation prize 2024: Everyone can apply and career stage will be taken into account

Important information on ECR status: we would like to include those who are still studying or have just completed their studies (up to one year after registration).


Registration (non-member): 230 € (early bird); 250 € (late registration)

Registration (member): 210 € (early bird); 230 € (late registration)

Registration (ECR*): 120 € (early bird); 140 € (late registration)

Conference Dinner: 30 € (early bird); 40 € (late registration)

Lunch (4 days): 30 € (early bird); 40 € (late registration)

Field trips: to be announced

Early bird registration deadline: 30th June 2024

Abstract submission

Abstract rules

  • All abstracts must be submitted by email (palgeswarsaw2024@uw.edu.pl)
  • All abstracts must be in English
  • Please follow the guidelines for abstract submission carefully and use only the available templates found at the PalGes webpage.
  • Abstracts for all scientific talks and posters must not exceed 300 words (without title, author names and affiliations), but can include up to 3 references and no images. Please do not exceed 125 characters for the title.
  • Please indicate in the abstract from whether your talk should be assigned to a specific thematic session (a choice of up to two, but not more, is possible) or to a general or an open session.
  • The first author is assumed to be the corresponding as well as the presenting author unless otherwise indicated. If this is not te case, the presenting author’s name has to be underlined.
  • The scientific committee will review all abstract contents and the corresponding author will be subsequently informed about acceptance or rejection by 31st July. Applicants rejected for talks will be offered a poster option.
  • Abstracts will be published online on the PalGes webpage, as well as deposited with a doi number on https://repod.icm.edu.pl/.

Abstract submission deadline: 15th July 2024


You can download 2nd circular here


You can download 1st circular here


Preliminary programme



The University of Warsaw – Faculty of Biology, ul. Miecznikowa 1 Str. 02-096 Warsaw



(Institute abbreviations: FB UW – Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw; FG UW – Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw; IPal PAS – Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences; PS PGS – Palaeontological Section of the Polish Geological Society; PGI-NRI – Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute; PalGes – Paläontologische Gesellschaft)

● Dr hab. Kenneth De Baets – Chair (FB UW & PalGes)
● Dr Aleksandra Skawina – Chair (FB UW)
● Dr Holly Anderson (FB UW)
● Dr Sergi López-Torres (FB UW)
● Dr Przemysław Świś (FB UW alumnus; Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia)
● Dr Mateusz Tałanda (FB UW)
● Dr Karina Vanadzina (FB UW)
● Jonatan Audycki (FB UW)
● Weronika Łaska (FB UW)
● Wojciech Pawlak (FB UW)
● Dr hab. Mikołaj Zapalski (FG UW)
● Prof. dr hab. Anna Kozłowska (IPal PAS & PS PGS)
● Prof. dr hab. Marcin Machalski (IPal PAS)
● Dr hab. Błażej Błażejowski (IPal PAS)
● Dr hab. Andrzej Kaim (IPal PAS)
● Dr hab. Tomasz Sulej (IPal PAS)
● Prof. dr hab. Stanisław Z. Mikulski (PGI – NRI)
● Dr hab. Piotr Szrek (PGI–NRI)
● Dr Cezary Krawczyński (PGI–NRI)
● Dr Magda Sidorczuk (PGI–NRI)
● Michał Zieliński (PGI-NRI)


Scientific Committee

● Prof. dr hab. Anna Kozłowska (IPal PAS & PS PGS)
● Prof. dr Alexander Nützel (PalGes & Bavarian State Collection for Palaeontology and Geology)
● Prof. dr hab. Jarosław Stolarski (IPal PAS)
● Prof. dr hab. Ireneusz Walaszczyk (FG UW)
● Dr hab. Kenneth De Baets (FB UW & PalGes)
● Dr hab. Andrzej Kaim (IPal PAS)
● Dr hab. Krzysztof Stefaniak (PS PGS; Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Wrocław)
● Dr hab. Mikołaj Zapalski (FG UW)
● Dr hab. Piotr Szrek (PGI–NRI)
● Dr Alina Chrząstek (PS PGS & Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Wrocław)
● Dr Aleksandra Skawina (FB UW)
● Dr Justyna Słowiak (IPal PAS)
● Dr Mateusz Tałanda (FB UW)