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mgr Valentina Smacchia

Scientific interests

  • Influence of eutrophication on the ecology of freshwater ecosystems
  • Interspecies interactions (protista – prokaryota)
  • Endosymbiosis between pathogenic prokaryotes and protista

Research projects

  • NCN OPUS Grant: Freshwater microbial communities in the eutrophication gradient: diversity and interactions of protists and bacteria (MicroDivEr). Principal investigator: Prof. Anna Karnkowska
  • New Ideas: Establishing the protocol for high-throughput single-cell transcriptomics of microbial eukaryotes. Principal investigator: Prof. Anna Karnkowska

Internships and workshops

  • April 2023: EMBO Practical Course: “Microbial metagenomic: a 360° approach”, Heidelberg, Germany

Prizes and distinctions

  • July 2022: IDUB microgrant for International EMBO Practical Course: “Microbial metagenomic: a 360° approach”, Heidelberg
  • May 2023: Holz-Conner Travel Grant (conference attendance; International Society of Protistologists, ISOP)


Oral presentations

  • Smacchia V., Chwalińska M., Karnkowska A.; Use of metabarcoding for the identification of freshwater microbial communities along an eutrophication gradient; Meeting of the EMBO Young Investigator Network on computational methods in ecology and evolutionary biology of microbes, Chęciny, Poland; 7-9.07.2022


  • International Society of Protistologists (ISOP)