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mgr inż. Marta Sałek

Scientific interests   

  • Ecology of freshwater ecosystems
  • Interspecies interactions (protista – procaryota)
  • Microscope techniques



  • NCN OPUS Grant: Freshwater microbial communities in the eutrophication gradient: diversity and interactions of protists and bacteria (MicroDivEr). Principal investigator: Prof. Anna Karnkowska
  • New Ideas: Establishing the protocol for high-throughput single-cell transcriptomics of microbial eukaryotes. Principal investigator: Prof. Anna Karnkowska


  • Intramural grant for the young scientist (PMB): Analysis of biodiversity of eukaryotic microorganisms in dystrophic lakes, adjacent peat bogs and soils. Principant investigator:  Marta Sałek

Internships and workshops

  • October 2022: Internship in FISH microscopy for euglenids, under the supervision of PhD Daria Tashyreva at the Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre CAS, Ceske Budejovice, Czechia
  • Septemer 2022: International FISH course at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • June-July 2022: EMBO workshop: Advanced electron microscopy for cell biology. Tromsø, Norway
  • March 2022: Internship in CARD-FISH microscopy under the supervision of Prof. Katarzyna Piwosz. National Marine Fisheries Research Institute in Gdynia, Department of Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Ecology Gdynia, Poland

Awards and distinctions

  • Second prize for best poster at 51st Jírovec’s Protozoological Days (Svratka, Czech Republic, June 2022)
  • IDUB microgrant for International FISH course at the University of Vienna (July 2022)


  • International Society of Protistologists (ISOP)


Oral presentations

Sałek M., Hollender M., Hałakuc P., Karlicki M., Maciszewski K., Karnkowska A. Finding interaction patterns between protists and eukaryotes based on single cell microbiome approach: obtaining good quality data for computational analyses; Meeting of the EMBO Young Investigator Network on computational methods in ecology and evolutionary biology of microbes, Chęciny, Poland; 7-9.07.2022


Hollender M., Sałek M., Karlicki M., Karnkowska A. Endosymniont for each protist – protocol for prokaryotic endosymbionts identification from protists’ single cell; International Society for Evolutionary Protistology virtual meeting (ISEP23), online event; 19-20.01.2023

Sałek M., Hollender M., Hałakuc P., Karlicki M., Maciszewski K., Karnkowska A., Finding interaction patterns between protists and prokaryotes based on a single cell microbiome analysis; 51st Jírovec’s Protozoological Days, Svratka, Czech Republic; 20-24.06.2022

Sałek, M., Karnkowska, A., Endosymbiotic interactions of microbial eukaryotes in the environment – where and how to find them?; EMBO Young Scientists’ Forum in Warsaw 2021, Poland; 21-22.10.2021

Sałek, M., Khomutovska, N., Sandzewicz, M., Łach, Ł., Suska-Malawska, M., Jasser, I. Occurrence of toxigenic genus Phormidium (Cyanobacteria) in microbial mats and biological soil crusts of the hot and cold desert (California and Pamir) – Ecology in a Changing World. PhD Student Conference; 23-25 March 2019, Warsaw