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Phylogenetic Workshop: From morphology and total-evidence analyses to macroevolutionary patterns

Course code: 1400-PhW-en, USOS

Coordinator: Kenneth De Baets

Instructors: Kenneth De Baets (UW), Sergi López-Torres (UW), Laura Mulvey (FAU), Karina Vanadzina (UW), Rachel Warnock (FAU)

For whom: elective course

Dates: 24 July-3 August 2024

Place: Ochota Campus (lecture room to be announced)

Language: English


Through tutorials and group projects, students will conduct analyses starting from raw (morphological) data through to matrix building, and from tree inference to modelling to macroevolutionary patterns.

The course aims to familiarize students with the basics of phylogenetics, with particular emphasis on their applications in paleobiological research and the evolution of morphology. The phylogenetics section will cover topics such as morphological data acquisition and matrix building, basic methods of reconstruction phylogenetic trees as well as evaluating their robustness. In the modelling section, students will learn about the Bayesian inference, divergence time dating, models of morphological evolution, co-phylogenetic analyses and methods of phylogenetic comparative analyses as well as estimating ancestral states.

Interested in participating in this workshop? If you’re a student from the University of Warsaw, you can enroll through USOS! If you’re an external participant, please contact k.de-baets@uw.edu.pl.